A few more seconds if the time lends,
I would love to spend them with my friends,
But the more time i spend with you guys,
The tougher it gets to say good byes,
I miss the time when we were at school,
Doing crazy things and laughing like fool,
A single call was enough for us to gather,
Nothing could stop us neither work nor weather,
But the nature of time is a bit strange,
Depending on situation everyone has to change,
We meet daily or just once in a year,
This friendship is forever it is more than clear,
Last few days when we were together,
I just can’t forget them ever,
Days were fun and those crazy nights,
Jokes and laughs, nonsense at its height,
Watching that movie alone will be boring,
Even those stupid games were scoring,
I relived the time i was missing for long,
More words were added to a beautiful song.

-by Ompriya Tripathi


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