The Mobius Strip


Hope breaking in waves upon the shore

My ivory tower smashed in ruins in the sand

I can feel the water trickling through my bare toes

There is nothing wrong

I have no reason to lie

And yet I cannot wake up.

The sun is bleeding into the sky

Wasting away into the ocean

I can predict the future

Soon it will sink, spent, exhausted

In its shroud of broiling seas.

This is the only fate that was written for today

And for all the tomorrows lined up,

Frozen, waiting for nothing.

All the todays of yesterday were too slow

The past has overtaken them all.

Because time is a never-ending circle

And I have seen it all already.

[ The image was a free image I downloaded. I don’t know if this fragmented prose can really be called poetry, but this was all I could write.]

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